Bolt Riders App - the best app to track your motorcycle riders and create stories.

Bolt Riders App is a platform to enable and inspire motorcycling enthusiasts to pursue their passion for riding. How do we do it? Through the power of stories. India is a country of motorcyclists and the numbers of riders riding to explore our beautiful country and go where their passion takes them is increasing by the day. Bolt Riders App platform is built to track all activities happening in the riding community and make is available for all riders to see in the form of stories and get inspired.

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The App accurately tracks your total ride distance, ride time vs idle time and marks all the pit-stops automatically.

On the Bolt Riders App actual rides are tracked real time by riders who then share the story of their ride for the benefit of the riding community. Other riders can read stories, get inspired and start riding more often.

Which app should I use to track my ride?

Bolt Riders App is the solution to all your tracking needs. You can track your rides accurately even in areas with no internet connectivity. The app is designed to take minimal inputs from rider during the ride so your attention is focused on the road. Every ride is logged real time into a database so that you do not miss tracking data even when you accidentally shut the app. The app is designed for optimal battery usages so that you can track even your long rides.
Once you have tracked your ride, you can view your ride summary of all your ride tracked which includes, route taken displayed on the map, major ride parameters like ride time, ride distance, average speed, idle time. The app also has features to make the most out of every ride tracked. You can create stories out of every ride and be an active member of the riding community by sharing your story on the platform to inspire all to follow your trails.