Touring on motorcycle is an unique experience in so many ways. It gives us a break from from daily routine, exposes us to new places, people and experiences. It breathes freshness into our perspective. It brings out the explorer in each of us.

A great ride requires proper planning and a good network in the riding community to get to those breathtaking places which are untouched and hard to find. However, with advent of technology and mobile phones all this is available in the palm of your hand. This section is a feature of some really cool apps that help you get the most out of every ride.

The first thing that you need to get right is choosing a destination that is complementary to your riding style. It may be a short 2 day ride or a week long tour, India has so many great destinations of natural beauty, of historical importance, of colorful cultures, so many of them less explored. There is a lot of information available online to choose your destination form. We have featured Holidify, an app designed for all travelers looking for destinations in India. The trips are curated by experienced travelers covering destinations that are trending or near you or the ones that are less explored.

Apart from planning your destination and the travel route you also need to plan for the weather. You need to have the right gear and plan your ride time keeping the weather in mind. Skymotion is a really handy app in this sense. It provides up-to-the-minute weather forecasts based on your GPS location, combined with user-submitted, ground level observations. This ensures that the weather does not play spoiler to your great riding mood.

Touring on your motorcycles involves finding your way in places you have not need to before mostly in places off the grid. This requires navigating in places of no internet connectivity. Here WeGo solves this problem well by providing reliable and accurate navigating data offline. They have routes data in 110 countries across 1300 cities.

Motorcycle touring is much much more that selecting a destination and riding to it. Is it so much about your experience during the ride. Every ride you do is a story filled with unique experiences, stories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Creating a story of your adventure is absolutely relevant for motorcycle touring and the Bolt Riders App is tailored for this. You can track every ride you do on this platform even when you are offline. After your ride you can add images and text to complete your story and share it fellow riders online. You can also see stories created by other rides, connect with them to share your riding experiences and increase your riding network.

These apps are really helpful for motorcycle riders who are passionate about riding and want to leverage technology to make the most out of every ride.