Our History

July, 2014

The story begins

The idea of Bolt takes shape after months of conceptualization. The result of our market 'dip test' is warming. The journey from 'function' towards 'form' begins with an investment of Rs. 50,000/-.


We got a Product!

The blueprints of Bolt Red Streak is finalized, a result of numerous iterations of prototyping and testing. The initial response from the target channels is positive. This coincides with a cheque from our first Investor, Lokesh Chauhan.

July, 2015

$ The First Cheque $

The painstaking process of testing and perfecting the final version of the market ready product ends. We are excited and pretty pleased with the output. Our first cheque for a sale of 50 units. We are in the game now!


An important milestone

After a slow but steady phase of business building, Bolt Red Streak crosses the 1000 mark and is available across more than 100 dealers across the country. We are a pack of more than 10 now. Heart warming customer reviews pouring in. A lot of encouragement for exciting times ahead.

March, 2016

Accelerated Growth

Great response to the Bolt Experience from the riding enthusiasts. As the word about Bolt spread, backed by positive feedback from existing users, we saw a period of accelerated growth, hitting the 2500 sales mark earlier than expected.

August, 2016


The Bolt Experience is also getting great reviews from our peers in the startup ecosystem. Bolt is awarded "Manufacturing startup of the year" and "Mobility Startup of the year" by Entrepreneur Magazine,India.We are also featured as the Hottest Start-ups to look out for in 2016 by The Economics Times.

September, 2016

5000 mark!

Post the phase of accelerated growth, we are able to maintain a steady recurring monthly sales. We hit the 5000 sales number organically without spending on marketing.

January, 2018

Fund Raising

Riders all over the country are aware of Bolt. Reinforced with the cool features added on the Bolt Riders App the Bolt Experience has found the right product market fit among the motorcycle touring segment. The time is right for raising funds to scale our business. Bolt successfully raises a pre-seed round of funding from Angel investors.

January, 2016

Bolt Riders App picks up

Based on feedback from initial users, we ran multiple iterations on the App, adding new features ti cater the specific needs of motorcycle tourers. Gradually user engagement on the Bolt Riders App increased. As on date we track more than 200 rides above 10 kms every month.

February, 2017

Upgrade for Red Streak

More than 18 months of Bolt Experience helping riders to get more out their rides. A lot of our users have premium rides and high end phones. 2A output of the earlier model was not enough to chrge these phones fast. Keeping with our promise of fast charging,Bolt upgrades its circuitry to increase maximum current rating from 2A to 2.5A. Now we charge your high end phones also as fast as your wall charger.

April, 2017

Community Exapnds

Bolt is all about the power of stories. On the Bolt Riders App riders can create their ride story as they ride. The Bolt Club community on Facebook, is a community where riders can promote their ride stories online. A lot of riders have shared their stories with us and we are seeing great engagement with these stories among our followers. Our follower base jsut crossed the 75,000 mark this month.

April, 2017

Ride Insight Advisory Group

At the core of the Bolt Riders App lies features which engage avid riders and show them value by helping them capture their riding experience. To understand our target users better, Bolt ropes in Vir Nakkai, an avid rider who has been on the road for more than 20 years now, as Rider Insight Advisor.