Compatible With All Bikes

The Bolt Pocket has adjustable straps which can be used to fix the unit across the fuel tank. The front straps have attached clips which makes it easy to fix.

Touch-Screen Friendly

The top of the Bolt Pocket is made up of transparent touch-friendly material. So you can easily interact your mobile-phone for navigation and taking a call, even when the phone is within the Pocket.

Water Resistant

The Pocket is designed to keep your phone safe from mild rains. Its closed from all the three sides and has a velcro protection from top to prevent any water inflow.

A Better Alternative to Handle Mount

With a handle mount you run the risk of dropping your phone with heavy vibration or during collision. With Bolt Pocket your phone is tightly on to the fuel tank, so even if your bike falls, your phone is safe. Make a choice now, if you need the most rugged solution - choose Bolt Pocket.

Get the complete #BoltExperience - ₹ 1750