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How to track your rides, routes or trails on the Bolt Riders App?

Bolt Riders App - Designed to track all your rides

Every rider for us is unique. Every riders finds his own meaning to reading. Some like to ride solo, some in groups. Some ride for days together to explore, some prefer short rides for the weekend. Some want their name in the record books, while some just like to feel the breeze in their face. Bolt Riders App ensure that each and every ride is tracked no matter what your taste in riding is.

Tracking ride on Bolt Riders App

Tracking rides, routes or trails on Bolt Riders App.

Bolt Riders App designed to track your ride under the hood with minimal interaction  with rider. All you need to do is start the Bolt Riders App and continue riding. During your ride do click images and added way- points through the check-in feature in the App. All this will give you a story rich in  information for riders who want to follow your trails. To summarize you just need to do 3 things to make a great story of your ride:
a) Start tracking your ride on the Bolt Riders App
b) Record every way point with the 'Check-in' feature in the App dashboard
c) Click as many images as possible

Tracking Single Day Rides

The basic unit of tracking your ride on the Bolt Riders App is a session. All you need to do to track a ride is to start a session. The Bolt Riders App continues to track your ride, including pit stops, idle time based on the GPS sensor data on your phone.

Tracking Multi Day Rides

If you are a long journey rider and plan to ride for days to together, Bolt Riders App is the ideal platform for you. You can track your rides across multiple sessions. Each session is a section of your multi day ride. Once you have completed your ride you can merge multiple sessions in to a single ride. All the stats tracked will add up accordingly to give you a single multi day ride.

Bolt Check-in

Check-in to create way points

Reached a land mark and want to create a log? The 'check-in' feature is designed just for that. Once you reach a landmark/ way point during your ride, all you need to do is hit the check-in button, click an image and check-in to create a log of the way point.

Way points are important elements of your ride story specially for riders who want to follow your trails.

Check-In even in offline mode

Every app requires you to be online to check-in at a location. But we at Bolt do understand that riders are not always have a great internet connectivity. The Bolt Riders App enables you to create a check-in in offline mode. So do not miss out to tag any of your way-points.

Bolt Ride Details

Completing you ride story

Once you have completed your ride and stopped the session, you can view all your completed rides in the 'My Ride History' section. Here the rides are classified under 'short trips' (distance tracked less than 10 Km) and 'long trips' (distance tracked greater than 10 Km).

You can view you ride summary in the 'long trips' section assuming your ride was greater than 10 Km. In the summary you need to do the following to complete your story.
a) Add a name to your ride
b) Add all images clicked during your ride
c) Write a few lines about your ride providing important information to riders who want to follow your trail.

Settings - Bolt Riders App

Important settings while tracking ride

Power saver settings

If you want to track your rides only when your phone is charging, you can automate 'start session' and 'end session' in the Settings menu. In this setting your ride starts automatic when you connect the phone to the Bolt charger and stops when you disconnect the phone ensuring tracking happens only when your phone is charging.

Real-time location sync

With Bolt Riders App all your rides are tracked offline in you phone. However, in case you want to tracked by your near and dear ones you can turn on the real-time location sync. This will ensure you latest tracked location is logged into our server. This functionality works only in areas with internet connectivity.