Bolt Riders App - the best app to track your rides and become active in the riding community.

Bolt Riders App is an app for riders to track their riders, create stories and become active members in the riding community. The core of the app however is to track your rides accurately, offline, with minimal inputs from riders during the ride. You can view all your tracked rides in the 'session history' section on the App. The summary includes the route taken displayed on a map and the major ride parameters which include total ride time, total distance, average speed and idle time.

The ride parameters displayed in the ride summary are carefully chosen to provide accurate cumulative data which is otherwise not available. Cumulative data is the data aggregated over the entire ride as against real time data which are parameters at a instant in time.

How to use Bolt Riders App as odometer / speedometer?

The Bolt Riders App tracks your accurate distance data based on GPS data provided by the GPS sensor on your phone. We are constantly monitoring your speed too. The total time is divided into ride time and idle time. If you are not on the move then the time is calculated as idle time. Any distance logged during idle time is not added in the total time to ensure the distance calculation is accurate.
You aggregate average speed is total distance divided by the total ride time giving the true average speed.

You can do much more on the Bolt Riders App

You can see you average speed aggregated over all your tracked rides in the rider profile page. You can see the profile and rides tracked by other in the 'Riders Around Me' section. You can follow other riders to get notified about the activities of these riders. 
You can also add images and lines of text to complete the ride story for every ride you track.