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Offline Tracking

We know that riders like to explore, which is mostly off the grid. The Bolt Riders App is designed to work offline in areas of no internet connectivity. You can not only track your rides offline but also can check-in too. 

Minimal inputs from user

When you are riding, your 100% attention needs to be on the road. We understand this and have designed the app to track your ride without any inputs from you. Just start the ride and we take care of everything else.

Accurate tracking

Tracking your ride is all about getting it right to show the true picture of your ride. Bolt Riders App automatically detects pit stops, calculates your idle time and takes accurate data from your GPS you create a true representation of your ride.

Create ride stories

Once you have tracked your rides what do you do with it? Tell the world about your adventure with the cool features provided to creating your ride story and share it with other riders. Get out on the road, explore and tell your story to inspire others to ride.

Bolt Riders App, a platform to enable and inspire riders to pursue their passion for riding.

Bolt Riders App is all of the above and much more. We at Bolt, believe in the power of stories to motivate and inspire riders. Once you have tracked your ride, your ride story will be visible to all riders in the 'Latest Rides' section of the app. They can read your story, get inspired and follow your trails.
In the 'Riders Around Me' section of the app you can see profile of riders in a leader board. Tap on any rider's profile to see the stories created by that rider. You can also follow the rider if you are interested. It is a great way to connect with like minded riders who have similar tastes in riding.

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